Brass Monkey

Following local businesses on Instagram & Facebook is a great way to find out about specials, sales, and pop-ups in the area. I’m grateful for the serendipitous follow of the restaurant “Brass Monkey” last week because they have a spectacularly good deal happening right now: BOGO burgers and sandwiches! They are centrally located near downtown just off Mesa in El Paso, and my daughter and I arrived right as they opened for lunch.

We were greeted warmly with smiles and hip hop music at a comfortable volume. The far wall is slathered with televisions playing sports networks and the restaurant has specials frequently coinciding with all sorts of matches: football, basketball; even soccer and tennis. Chatting with the server, I found out that the restaurant has been open for almost three years on the dot and does well with repeat business, but they’re always welcoming new patrons with deals and happy hours that cannot be beat. My daughter ordered the ooey gooey Grilled Cheese with a tomato bisque and I opted for the very classic cheeseburger with Parmesan fries. The food did not disappoint and our beverages were refilled before we even realized we were thirsty. I was pleasantly surprised at how kid friendly the place was for an advertised sports bar, but they had a kid’s menu, crayons, and napkins that can actually absorb spills and globs of ketchup with ease.

The atmosphere at Brass Monkey feels like hanging out with your cool college friend at their bigger-than-yours apartment filled with fairy lights, graffiti, and music you can bop your head to. A group of young twenty-somethings arrived shortly after my daughter and me, and requested them to turn the big TV to the soccer match, and the manager quickly obliged. It was nice to see the customers were treated like friends and their request so quickly followed up. Definitely going to take my sister-in-law to this place after dark the next time she visits, and I’m happy to know we have a kid-friendly hangout downtown to grab some absolutely delicious Parmesan fries whenever we’re in the area. Thanks for the great lunch, Brass Monkey [follow them on Instagram @brassmonkeyep]; see you again soon!

Published by Krystal Gragg

1/3 of a rambling family, originating on the west coast and existing daily in new, exciting, beautiful locations of the United States and beyond.

One thought on “Brass Monkey

  1. You may soon be a critic for the New York Times, or the Texas Times? Lol. I could almost sense being there with the two of you!


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