A Word Study

Lengthy writing.
Someone who walks, moves, from place to place without settling down.
Climbing plants who refuse to stop when they hit a wall and aim for the sky.

Naming a website, Facebook page, Instagram account…. this is tantamount to a panic inducing situation for me. Permanence, in nearly any form, is terrifying, and always has been this way for me. Since the age of four, I’ve spent my life on the move: sometimes across the country, and other times simply down the street. In fifth grade, we did a study of the rambling men of The Great Depression, and whilst incomparably poor monetarily, these men traveled the country, met people, and were by and large ‘happy’. It struck me, in the years following sixth grade, that my family were ramblers. Never truly setting down roots, no place I would’ve officially called home, but I was meeting new people, eating new foods, and was by and large ‘happy’ myself. It would’ve been impossible for my brain to comprehend how this gypsy lifestyle was preparing me for the rest of my life.

Anthropological term referring to notes taken by research scientists in order to paint a realistic and vivid image of things taking place in front of them.

And so we come to present: the year 2020, inside the beautiful high desert city of El Paso, Texas. I own a home here with my husband and our daughter, following four other moves in the past six years – and twenty moves throughout my life before my husband joined the armed services. I’ve sought an outlet for years which would intertwine my hobbies of writing, sightseeing, and photography in a fashion which would be attractive, interactive, and interesting to others. Rambling FieldNotes is the amalgamation of several iterations of blog/Facebook posts, hobby photography, and my desire to truly invest in my surroundings. I’ve journaled these ‘field notes’ for over a year now, and it seems fitting to turn them into a forum where others can be involved and perhaps even benefit from my untidy and altogether well-intentioned writings. I am created islands of permanence within our ever-changing lifestyle, and this island is one on which each of you is cordially invited.

This website will – for the forseeable future – take place within El Paso and surrounding areas. It is my goal to immerse myself in the culture, local businesses, and the people of the Southwest desert. I’ll be bringing food & restaurant reviews, photography of local landscapes and events, as well as a smattering of my thoughts about what truly makes a place home, how we humans find community, and various adventure reviews – including trips to Portland, Oregon, the closest thing we have to a home base – as we travel and homeschool our preschool aged daughter.

Contact Me:
If you have questions, if you’d like to sponsor the blog, or if you would like me to review your local business, please don’t hesitate to contact: RamblingFieldNotes@Gmail.com or leave a comment on the site. You can follow me on Instagram: @ramblingfieldnotes or on Faceboook: facebook.com/ramblingfieldnotes .

With the most sincere of thanks, love, and light,

Published by Krystal Gragg

1/3 of a rambling family, originating on the west coast and existing daily in new, exciting, beautiful locations of the United States and beyond.

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